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Suffolk County

Potential serious water supply problems exist on the North and South Forks of Long Island.

No deep aquifer source exists at these locations. At these locations, available supply is extracted only from shallow wells which tap fresh water underlain by salt water.

Only approximately fifty percent (50%) of annual precipitation infiltrates to the water table and recharges the ground water system the other half is lost to evaporation and direct runoff.

*•* Long Island Aquifers

While there is no real question that careful management of this resource is necessary to insure continuous availability and sustainability, the current reliance on disjointed efforts of Suffolk County Water Authority and Suffolk County Department of Health is rarely questioned. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!

As far as we know, the applicant for the Heritage at Cutchogue development does not have a website.  If the developer really wanted to communicate with the community don't you think there would be a website? If there is a website please contact Cutchogroup.

The East End of the Cutchogue Flow System is located at Hashamomuck Pond.
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The initial impetus for the formation of Concerned Citizens of Cutchogue, an ad hoc group comprised of Cutchogue and New Suffolk citizens, was to raise awareness of issues surrounding the pending Board of Cutchogue Fire Commissioners proposal to almost nine million dollars ($9,000,000) of taxpayer's money to build a 25,000 square foot fire station at the corner of Route 48 and Cox Lane. The stated goals of the organization are to promote community discussion and to facilitate awareness, fiscal responsibility and transparency in community affairs. It remains to be seen if the group will take a position on the proposed Heritage at Cutchogue.
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