Group for Cutchogue

Real estate should be original and unique, units in the Heritage at Cutchogue will not be. There are only 5 plans for units, each one will be copied 25 times. No unit will be designed for the lot on which it is sited. The crowded placement and alien style of the Heritage at Cutchogue units will disrupt the rural character of the North Fork landscape.

In the City 80 Miles from Manhattan

Rather than a famous landmark, Heritage at Cutchogue would be an infamous landmark. Even the names proposed are misleading. “Seacroft” is inappropriate because the property is not on the water. “Hamlet at Cutchogue”, is unsuitable since there already is a Cutchogue Hamlet. The proposed “Heritage at Cutchogue” is unlike anything currently or previously existing in Cutchogue, therefore using the word “heritage” to describe it is misleading. A more truthful name would be something like, CUTCHOGUE CONDO FARM !

The Planning Board can only review the plans of the developer. The Town Board has the exclusive authority to plan, and implement planning, for the community. The Town Board is refusing to do so. Either the Town Board is ignorant or incompetent. Either way the only hope is for enough citizens to suggest, ask, beg and demand that the Town Board take action before it is too late.

Note: Many of the following documents are LARGE files. Please click once and be patient, especially if you are on a dial up internet connection,

*.* The Developers’ Sales Pitch (pdf)

*•* Heritage Site Plan (pdf) | *•* Heritage Site Plan (gif)
*•* Heritage Project Information

*•* Reasons to Rezone
*•* City in the Country — 80 Miles from Manhattan (pdf)
*•* Act now
*•* Which Cutchogue Heritage?
*•* Handout

*•* Letter from Fleets Neck Property Owners Association 6/6/08
*•* Letter from S. Tettelbach 6/10/08
*•* Letter from Fire Department 6/20/07
*•* Letter from Thomas Hall 8/20/07
*•* Letter from the Group for the East End 8/28/07
*•* Letter from Cutchogue Stakeholders 8/28/07
*•* Letter from Peter Lake 8/30/07

*•* Suffolk Life - FrontPage Story 1/23/08
*•* Suffolk Times - Instant Neighborhood - 8/26/04
*•* Suffolk Times - Don’t give up - 7/12/07

*•* New York State Laws on Taxing Condos and Coops

*•* Memo to Town Board from Planning Director - 11/18/07

Southold Town Hamlet Study Stakeholders
*•* Cutchogue Hamlet Study
*•* Cutchogue Halo Map

*•* Southold Town Zoning Map 0

*•* Environmental Assessment Review (NOT accepted by Southold Planning Dept.)
SEQRA New York State DEC Environmental Impact Statements
*•* Applicant’s Draft Scope
*•* Scoping Meeting Notice and Agenda
*•* Final Scope (LARGE FILE)

The 1st DEIS is available on a CD-ROM from the Southold Planning Board.
Or download a copy here: *•*
Please be patient the file is HUGE (30 Mb pdf)

*•* 1st DEIS Alternative Site Plan

A few pages from the developer’s first Draft Environmental Impact Statement

The latest and most interesting document to study is the
*•* Planning Board’s consultant’s review of the 1st Draft EIS (8.82 Mb pdf)

*.* Letter from NYS DOS Committe on Open Government
re Southold Town Board holding illegal executive sessions

Suffolk County Water Authority (SCWA)
*•* SCWA Letter to Single Family Homeowner (pdf)
*•* SCWA Letter re Heritage at Cutchogue 8/14/07 (pdf)
*•* SCWA Comments on Heritage at Cutchogue 12/12/06 (pdf)
*•* SCWA Water Quality Info

*•* Suffolk County Water Authority - Decision, October 18, 2007
In the Matter - of - the Application for a Permit Pursuant to Environmental Conservation Law ("ECL") Article 15 and Part 601 of Title 6 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and
Regulations of the State of New York ("6 NYCRR") to Install a Public Water Supply Well (Middleville Road No. 3) on the South Side of Middleville Road, Town of Huntington, Suffolk County, New York, - by - SUFFOLK COUNTY WATER AUTHORITY, Applicant

*•* Or for pdf print format click here

*•* SCWA propaganda on this issue

*•* Bizarre Methods in Southold Town (pdf)
*•* Riverhead Town sets new water use record (pdf)
*•* Russell on SCWA supplying water to Shelter Island (pdf)
*•* East End Public Water Supplies (pdf)
*•* Shelter Island’s Wells Run Dry (pdf)
*•* Shelter Island Depends on Rain (pdf)

*•* Southold Town Board Water Map Revision minutes (pdf)
*•* SCWA Southold Town Public Water Supply Findings 1992 2003 (pdf)

*.* Information and Petitions to print out for circulating

*•*  New York Magazine - Characters of the North Fork
*•*  Letters to Editor from Danny Lyon _ 84-3-29
*•*  Letters-to-Editor _ 84-4-12
*•*  Meeting Notice
*•*  Hey, Fellas _ 84-5-3
*•*  Dear Neighbor
*•*  Battle Plan _ 84-5-17
*•*  Residents Attack _ 84-5-24
*•*  Stamping Out _ 84-5-24
*•*  Letter to Editor _ 84-5-31
*•*  Letter to Town Attorney _ 84-5-31
*•*  Letter to Town Clerk _ 84-5-31

*•*  Kurczewski Letter _ 83-1-31
*•* Short Environmental Assessment Form_82-9-10
*•* Negative Declaration_83-3-22
*•* Short Environmental Assessment Form with Negative Declaration
*•* Zone Changed 83-7-19

*•* Seacroft Siteplan
*•*  DEIS _ 84-6-7
*•*  DEIS _ 84-6-15
*•*  Snag Hit
*•*  Seacroft Denied TW_ 85-1-10
*•*  Seacroft Denied _ 85-1-10

*.* Gambling with Southold Town (pdf)