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Editor's Notes
  • We are happy to see the CEO of Suffolk County Water Authority is responding to
    The Cutchogue Group regrets that SCWA’s response fails to address the proposed Heritage at Cutchogue.

    If the public water infrastructure map was really a “comprehensive” planning tool it would be integrated with a sewerage map. Although the SCWA strongly urges the Town of Southold to adopt methods to reduce the potential of degraded water from recharging to the aquifer, SCWA is poised to deliver more than 20,000 gallons per day to new customers on top of the Cutchogue Flow System section of the shallow North Fork glacial aquifer. Rather than be defensive, condescending and blaming the public, why can’t SCWA serve the public by publicizing quantitative and qualitative limitations of natural sources of water supply in Southold?

    In an ironic twist, Stephen M. Jones writes that SCWA is not planning a "nefarious scheme to bring water in "to support new residential developments"". Nefarious is being used to mean extremely wicked, not infamous. In recent Town Board meetings none of the six Southold Town Board members were aware that SCWA is pumping water from Riverhead into Southold.

    With all due respect, the “peak water flow rate for existing customers in the Town of Southold” is not just a “simple fact” (was it a wet or a dry year?). If as SCWA claims people in Southold are wasting water, can’t SCWA do something to control the abuse of our public water supply? For example how has SCWA publicized the dramatic increase in the peak water flow rate for existing customers in the Town of Southold?

    Please visit the Suffolk County Water Authority website and judge for yourself. Does SCWA operate with the public benefit as its first priority? Do you agree that information in the form of an animated cartoon and of technical statistical reports are effective methods to inform the public of important information about public water supply?