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Broadwater” is a proposal to turn Long Island Sound into an industrial energy importing facility. Burning natural gas pollutes less than some fossil fuels (coal and oil), but natural gas is neither a clean nor renewable source of energy. The narrow minded proposal to import and store liquefied natural gas (LNG) would be a great step backwards in the movement to develop clean sources of renewable energy.

LNG is natural gas compressed for transportation and storage by being refrigerated to negative 259 degrees Fahrenheit. At this ultra-low temperature natural gas is no longer a gas it is the liquid known as LNG. LNG is an extremely concentrated fossil fuel. There are negative environmental impacts involved in cooling (liquefying) and also in warming (vaporizing) natural gas. There is also potential for disastrous accidents and for ready conversion into a weapon of mass destruction.

We don’t need Broadwater and we don’t need any politician who is seriously considering supporting Broadwater.

You can fill in an online form to “email” Governor Spitzer at

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