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Group for Cutchogue started because although almost everyone, Planning Board, Town Board and individuals on committies of local environmental orgainzations all agreed that the luxury condominium development proposed as “Heritage at Cutchogue” would have serious harmful impacts on Cutchogue, they all said there was no point in opposing the proposal since that would only raise false hopes. They stated in no uncertian terms that the development was going to be built according to the current zoning and it would be a waste of time to try to change that.

Thanks to dedicated and persistant efforts by members of Cutchogroup, That has changed! Now the Town Board has put residential site design standards including clustering and floor area ratios as well as a rewrite of the Southold Town Comprehensive Plan (last updated in 1985) on the agenda! The issue has changed from “Can we do anything?” to “What should we do?”

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The Town Board has a unique and essential role which it is not performing. The Town Board is the only agency with the authority to stop the proposal. A moratorium to allow the Town Board to develop an updated comprehensive plan before a development plan is reviewed is the only reasonable course of action.

Whereas, Supervisor Russell used to say it was too late to do anything, now he is saying it is too soon for the Town Board to act. At the last Town Board meeting, the Town Board agreed not to do anything except contiue to monitor the Planning Board’s review of the developer’s application. The Town Board members all followed the lead of Supervisor Russell, taking the intentionally misleading position that the Town Board is following the "best course of action". In reality, not only is the Town Board not taking action, the Board has shelved the issue and is refusing to even consider what actions are possible. While as a Town Board, there is unanimous support for this position, several Town Board members have not yet expressed their individual positions. One Boardmember even said that the Town Board will only act if citizens request action.

PLEASE HELP Group for Cutchogue request action.

Sample Letter to Southold Town Board and Planning Board
How can they represent you if you don't let them know your opinion?

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Scott A. Russell, Supervisor
and all members of Southold Town Board
P.O. Box 1179
Southold, New York 11971

Heather Lanza, Director of Planning
Town of Southold Planning Board
P.O. Box 1179
Southold, NY 11971

RE: Overdevelopment of Southold Town

To Southold Town Board and Planning Board:

Please don’t let the Heritage at Cutchogue ruin the real heritage of Cutchogue.

Alhough it is no longer pristine and what is left is increasingly threatened by overdevelopment, The North Fork is still a great place. Please help protect, and try to improve on, what is left.

If no action is tasken, it is almost certian that the proposed development named “The Heritage at Cutchogue” will forever damage the character of Cutchogue. PLEASE do everything possible to protect the real heritage of Cutchogue.

Thanking you very much for your anticipated courtesy and consideration.

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Southold Town Officials

Southold Town Hall   Mon. to Fri. 8:00am to 4:00pm (631) 765-1800

Town Board: Supervisor Scott A. Russell {765-1889}, Thomas H. Wickham, Daniel C. Ross, William P. Edwards, Hon. Louisa P. Evans and Albert J. Krupski, Jr.

Planning Department {765-1938}: Heather Lanza - Director of Planning, Amy Thiel - Senior Planner, Anthony Trezza- Senior Planner, Mark Terry - Senior Environmental Planner, Bruno Semon - Senior Site Plan Reviewer

Planning Board: Jeri Woodhouse (Chairperson), Joseph L. Townsend, George Solomon, Martin H. Sidor, and Kenneth L. Edwards,

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To the Editor:

“The Heritage at Cutchogue” is the largest and the highest density housing development ever proposed in Cutchogue. If cookie cutter condos are allowed to be built on the 46 acreas of farmland north of Cutchogue hamlet center the character of the hamlet will never be the same.

The Suffolk Times is proud to be known for a strong editorial advocacy of environmental protection. Why hasn’t there been any editorial coverage of the potential negative impacts.

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